Mary Rose's art is inspired by her everyday surroundings. Living along the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast of Ireland, her artwork is inspired by ordinary, unremarkable things most people don’t even notice. It could be colours or patterns in nature, landscape or a comment somebody makes. We have a rich culture here in Ireland full of interesting people. Having traveled quite a bit this has resulted in her having a real appreciation for the Irish perspective on life. She takes everyday interactions and and recreates artwork based on them. The artwork is an exploration of  an emotive response to a place, scene, interaction. Its about a sense or feeling rather than a representation of a particular scene or object.

Mary rose is interested in light and how it interacts with subjects to create something new, ephemeral. It’s like a little bit of passing magic.

Another theme in her work are the elements of chance, and the play between realism and abstraction. This is explored through layering of mediums.

The work is about paint as a medium and the process of painting as well as an interpretation of a subject.

Work intuitively Keane often uses different nonconventional tools for the application of medium, such as kitchen utensils, branches etc. the finger is often the best applicator of all, allowing real freedom of expression.