Forgotten Words Alphabet allows us to write  using nature based words removed from the Oxford Childrens Dictionary. Keane was concerned that latest editions of the Oxford dictionary have omitted words related to nature such as acorn, bluebell, kingfisher and wren etc. They were replaced by technological words like broadband, celebrity and voicemail etc.

This is a worrying development as many the replacement words are associated with the solitary childhoods of today. There is an abundance of research highlighting the benefits of natural play and connecting with nature; and lack of this connection and the negative impact on wellbeing, The choice of words to remove is poor and a sad reflection on our current situation and our  dwindling connection with the natural environment.

This is an ongoing project exploring language, the effects of children not being exposed to these words and their replacement with more current words reflecting the technology based society we live in. 

Each nature themed image replaces most letters in the alphabet A = Accorn B = Blackberry, C = Conker, etc.  Keane has created a new forgotten word alphabet and typeface called Forgotten Words. An act of preservation and a gift to future.generations of children.

Forgotten Words Alphabet